Uncontrollable Tree Planting 'Potentially detrimental to the la

  • Climate change: Uncontrolled tree planting 'could harm landscape' - BBC News


    Conservationists warn that planting trees to combat climate change could be detrimental to some of Wales' most beautiful landscapes.Interest in reforestation to offset carbon emissions has grown among individuals and large corporations.

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    The Welsh government wants 86 million trees to be planted by the end of the decade. To achieve the goal of zero by 2050 But charities fear this could harm communities, wildlife and landscapes. If there is no control

    The Snowdonia Society has called for "National dialogue" to agree on how and where to plant these new trees.Big investment companies have already bought farms across the country.

    It has raised concerns that it could damage local culture, language and heritage. About 15% of Wales' land area - 310,000 hectares - is forested and the Welsh government wants to add another 100,000 hectares by 2030.