Venus should be 'locked' with one side facing the sun. This is

  • Venus Should Be 'Locked' With One Side Facing The Sun. Here's Why It Isn't


    when two objects in space are close enough to each other Their gravity acts like a brake. Slow them down until they 'lock' spin to match their orbit. This tidal lock means that one side of the smaller

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    body is permanently facing the larger one. that's the reason Why do we only see one side of the moon from Earth? Venus, the evil twin of the world It is close to the tide barrier.

    So close that it was almost pinned to the sun… but it wasn't.

    Venus takes 225 days to complete one complete orbit around the Sun – and 243 days to complete one rotation. Unlike other planets, it rotates in the opposite direction of its orbit around the Sun.

    It's a slight difference. but one important One thing that prevents Venus from fully locking up is the planet's intense, stormy atmosphere. which orbits Venus in just four days which is 60 times faster than the planet itself.

    Astrophysicist Stephen Kane of the University of California, Riverside, says we need to pay more attention to the planet's atmosphere when studying not just Venus. but also other planets that orbits a distant star as well