Five Bridesmaid Gifts For Under £50

  • Listening for you discuss all of your wedding plans, sorting your hen party, wearing whatever bridesmaid dresses you believe fit, and calming you recorded on your special day.

    So they deserve something special, don't you believe?

    I've discovered five items which would be welcomed like a gift because of your girls - a thanks from you for those their effort. And in addition, they are all under £50 - and surely not cheap and tacky.

    Learn to prepare like the professionals at Atelier Des Chefs

    1. Cookery lessons. Why not give your girls a brand new skill they normally use over and over again? I recently attended a celebration at Atelier des Chefs in London and today am a specialist on chopping an onion correctly, cooking fish, and carving. You're taught by professional chefs and I such as the sound of the World Cuisine classes which start at £32 a session and cover Indian, Italian, and Thai cooking. You can buy a voucher on the internet and let your friend choose what she would like to be a master chef in! (And maybe this is an idea for any hen party having a difference?)

    2. How about a set of diamanté chandelier earrings? They're a classic to possess in a jewelry box, never walk out fashion, and will also be a long-lasting reminder of the wedding day. And at £25 they're a steal.

    3. I just love the way in which Chanel package their make-up. Pull a Chanel lipstick out of your handbag also it looks so elegant. You could give each of the girls a glamorous Chanel lipstick and matching nail varnish for less than £50. Sometimes it's lovely to possess a little bit of luxury!

    4. Dessy Silk Dupion Clutch (having a detachable bow). I have one of these simple bags and each time I use it somebody says, "Ooh such a gorgeous bag, where have you find it?" The bag and bow come inside a choice of 11 different colors, so this is a total of 121 different looks!!!

    5. A year's subscription to some favorite glossy magazine. I know almost always there is the online version, but using a thick, glossy popping with the letterbox monthly is really a treat.

    Vogue magazine

    A monthly magazine might be a real treat ...

    If you're already married what have you give your junior bridesmaid dresses? If you've suggestions to share, tell us!