What are the advantages and characteristics of aluminum alloy l

  • At night, all kinds of gorgeously lit stages give people a beautiful enjoyment. Aluminum alloy light stands are indispensable for stage building. Aluminum alloy light stands have a wide range of use. So what are the advantages compared with other types of light stands?

    Feature 1: Lightweight and good quality. Most of the stages are temporary construction sites. The aluminum alloy light frame is light and easy to carry and install. It can reduce the construction time during the construction and make the installation safer.

    Feature 2: Long service life. The material of guangzhou truss stage equipment factory itself is anticorrosive. According to the correct usage method, the aluminum alloy light frame can be used continuously for many years.

    Feature three: strong resistance to pressure. The light frame needs to carry a lot of stage equipment, and the aluminum alloy light frame has a very strong pressure resistance, and it will not be deformed for many years in the range of use.

    Due to its material advantages, guangzhou truss stage equipment factory can be customized into a variety of shapes to meet the needs of better stage effects.