Throwback Monday: Long Sleeves

  • It is funny how the latest fashions and styles return full circle and be popular again. This is the same for the wedding world! Several “new” trends are loved by many once we enter into the fall 2022 wedding season. However, a number of these trends are not new and also have been loved through the generations before our time. Go

    ♥ Long Sleeves ♥

    Long sleeve wedding dresses bring another element for your wedding day look. They bring classiness, elegance, along with a certain sophistication that you don't get from the popular strapless gown. Long sleeves are perfect for that fall season since it adds a layer of fabric for your arms to help keep you warm within the cooler weather while drawing attention to the detail that trails down each arm. These gowns are an easy way to combine vintage and modern having a classic style that's been worn for a long time. Long sleeve gowns don't have to be for that conservative bride, however, many long sleeve gowns incorporate a sophisticated sexiness that's both understated and stylish. We all recall the ever-famous Kate Middleton wearing a sensational long-sleeve gown having a dramatic train that demanded attention and exuded sophistication. Long sleeve wedding dresses are not always about elegance, many bohemian-themed brides wear bohemian wedding dresses to exhibit case the flowy, effortless look. The outdoor weddings combined having a flower crown headpiece along with a flowy gown with long sleeves makes for that perfect boho-chic wedding!

    No, appears the way you wear this timeless style, you put it on beautifully! Long sleeve gowns will be stunning from years past and a long time.