• For most couples, wedding ceremony planning starts with gathering wedding inspiration. A single Instagram post may help you decide which wedding colors to choose. An image on Pinterest forces you to fall in love with a particular dress style. An afternoon binge of The Great British Baking Show could make you realize just how you want the wedding cake to appear.

    But before you start planning the nitty-gritty details, you need to decide something:

    What's your general wedding style likely to be?

    For lots of couples likely to wed in 2022, the solution to that real question is minimalism. From décor suggestions to how to choose the perfect wedding dress, these minimalist wedding ideas can help you embrace a small look in each aspect of the wedding day!


    Minimalism is about clean lines and simplicity. It's clutter-free. It's the alternative of ornate. It's not about towering flower centerpieces or elaborate tablescapes. Forget about using a five-tier cake covered in fondant flowers or carrying an enormous, multicolored flower bouquet.

    With the minimalist aesthetic, less is more.

    The minimalist trend isn't a lot of a theme because it is a look. Your wedding could be boho, modern, beachy, or rustic but still, be minimalist. Minimalism has less related to the specific elements you select for the wedding day and more related to how you put those elements together.

    No appears your style is, minimalism requires a neutral color scheme. Vibrant colors, for example, hot pink and bright purple, don't go a long way with the style, but neutral colors — shades of beige, gray, white, ivory, and muted pastels — do!


    A minimalist wedding takes a minimalist wedding gown. When shopping for a wedding dress for a special day, there are some things you'll want to appear for and some things you'll wish to avoid. Minimalist wedding dresses could be structured or flowy so long as they're simplistic and clean. They could be any neckline, any sleeve length, or any hem length.

    A minimalist gown may be an elegant sheath dress having a cowl back. It could be a satin slip dress having a high slit. If you don't wish to wear an outfit, it might even be a strapless, skinny-legged jumpsuit.

    If you're through an opulent wedding, a lace wedding dress with layers of tulle ruffles or perhaps a heavily embellished mermaid gown will be a beautiful option. But if you're going for that minimalist vibe, ornate embellishments and massive trains with lace appliques aren't necessary.

    Keep these ideas in your mind when shopping for the wedding party, too.

    For girls, you will find loads of simple bridesmaid dresses silhouettes to select from. For the guys, classic black tuxes or slim suits in gray or dark blue are an ideal way to accomplish the minimalist look.


    The less adorned your venue space, the greater. A ballroom with crystal chandeliers and patterned carpets may go through grand if you're using a traditional wedding, however when you're throwing a small wedding… not a lot.

    Raw spaces with minimal decoration are perfect for a minimalist wedding party. Industrial spaces work well with this particular aesthetic because they tend to have smaller lights and hard floors which make for a clean, sparse vibe. The fewer details within the space, the greater freedom you need to make the area look just how you want it to appear.

    Don't wish to add any decorations whatsoever?

    If you're having the wedding ceremony or reception outdoors, allow the sand, sea, trees, or grass to function as an unadorned backdrop for the minimalist celebration.


    With a lot of wedding decorations to select from, it's simple to go a little overboard. So if you've chosen to have a minimalist wedding, you'll wish to keep your décor low.

    Here are a handful of ways to achieve this:


    Your wedding cake is much more than dessert — it's additionally a decoration! Replace the five-tier cake covered in pearls and flowers having a white wedding cake adorned with a few cool textures or unexpected icing techniques.


    Choose smaller bouquets in a single color over large ones full of different-colored flowers. A single sprig of greenery is a beautiful method to incorporate color and keep the "less is much more" mentality.


    If the wedding venue has beautiful wood tables, you might wish to go without tablecloths. Plain white table runners are the linens you have to set a clean, modern dining room table.

    As for the tablescapes, the greater pared-back they're, the greater minimalist they'll be. Instead of decadent place settings with colorful dishes and gold-rimmed glassware, opt for any monochromatic look.


    If you wish to be as minimalist as you possibly can, introduce clear acrylic items throughout your reception space. You can do this with the addition of clear acrylic ghost chairs around your tables or by establishing acrylic signage that greets your friends and relatives at the reception and tells them where they’re seated.


    Having a minimal wedding means embracing minimalism in every way, including with the wedding invitations and save-the-dates. When ordering invitations, choose clean, modern typography rather than ornate fonts like calligraphy. Sending plain invitations in simple packaging sets the tone for the minimalist wedding from the first day.


    With a neutral color palette along with a "less is much more" method of décor, developing a modern minimalist wedding is simple to accomplish. Whether you're dreaming about a bohemian bash around the beach or perhaps a formal black-tie celebration, you can take the minimalist approach no appear theme or vibe you would like for the wedding day.

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