Introducing The 'Elements' Collection

  • Oh darlings, I just can't let you know how happy it can make me that you can bring this feature along with you today. However, at this time, in the middle of everything, it feels much more special and I'm thrilled that you can give a platform to 1 of the UK's most talented wedding gown designers.

    As soon as you look at a FeelTimes gown, you'll spot the understated, modern design, the sharp clean lines, and also the exceptional fluidity of every design. These are classic pieces having a timeless aesthetic that you simply cherish forever.

    "My signature style originated from working with brides in various roles and my love of simplicity. I spent many fittings with brides who desired to strip their design back and concentrate on the fit, the shape, and also the design. This resulted in my method for my first collection which has developed and grown through every collection since."

    "Elements would be a significant pause, considering what continues to be, the way we started, and the way we want to continue. It is a reinvention in our key principles in design, modern yet classic, wearable and timeless."

    "The name 'Elements' originates from these very thoughts to the beginning, to the raw material, the element which feels much more relevant because of the current situation all around the pandemic, combined with the needed focus around the environment."

    "These thoughts have resulted in a smaller, focused, collection where we've invested increased time in the form and fit from the pattern to guarantee the finished dress is ideal for the wearer. The fabrics have been in their most basic form, simplified natural silk and lace, sheer and transparency as detail, enhancing the body form and understated in design." Go

    "Whilst we've experienced lockdown, we've remained in your own home entirely since 17th March, apart from a few short countryside walks at home. We're splitting our time between children and work, as my partner Daniel runs the company together. It's a distinctive time and we've attempted to appreciate this time with family."

    "That said, we've been hard at work too. We've experienced touch with these brides to aid their changes and plans, work around the brand new collection and launch a brand new idea, where I talk to people who inspire us and carry the same ethos alongside wedding and bridal."

    "I do think the pandemic can change how brides look for their sexy wedding dresses and within the longer term, there'll be considered a more conscious decision towards their designer, their dress, and where and just how their dress is produced. The importance of searching and getting locally, the safety and flexibility this provides the bride in most situations, the knowledge of where their dress is made and all sorts of this are going to be teamed by having an ever-growing focus on the environmental impact of our actions – weddings and dresses included."

    "I love achieving precisely what a bride wants using their dress or wedding outfit so they feel the very best version of themselves around the day. Seeing someone walk on the aisle in one of our dresses – that's a heartfelt moment each time."

    "Finally, if you've needed to postpone, remember. Remember the reason why you got engaged and the reason why you want to get married. Remember one another. Focus on your brand-new date and just how good that day will feel and just how important it had been to postpone for the safety of your friends and family. There are many complications to deal with postponing but there is going to be resolved and it'll all get together, fantastic before. Remember the positives and then try to focus on moving forwards together with your plans."

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