A Pug Inspired Countryside Wedding

  • Today we're going to Scotland for that wedding of cashmere designer to accountant Fred Taylor. The couple tied the knot on 22 June 2019 at, then a reception party inside a marquee (given by ) within Rosie's mum's beautiful garden.

    Rosie and Fred booked the lovely and talented to document their day through photography – additionally, they asked to capture your day on film.

    "I find the FeelTimes dress since it was light and comfy with no corseting. I also originally chose another bespoke lace top."

    "When it found the fitting a couple of months before the marriage the original lace top I had chosen didn't feel right, and suddenly I saw the daisy lace top around the rack and I inspired to try it on also it immediately felt a lot more me."

    "I felt a lot more comfortable inside it than the initial top I had chosen, also it complemented the gown underneath perfectly. I loved having sleeves and also the detailed, high neckline, and I think it proved helpful with my traditional veil and floral headpiece."

    Rosie's shoes were snappy block-heeled sandals, and she or he accessorized with lovely aquamarine and diamond heart-shaped earrings, borrowed from her mum, which have been a gift from Rosie's dad when Rosie have been born.

    The bridesmaids looked wonderful in summery, champagne bridesmaid dresses that belong to their choosing, and two gold hoop earrings were gifted to them by Rosie as a thank you for his or her support.

    "I felt it had been important they could choose her very own dress. I think it worked very well, and also the bouquets brought the wedding party look together."

    Rosie and her brother were driven to Bowden Kirk by Murray, in his 1965 Bentley S1 saloon – such a way to arrive!

    "Fred and I met at university. I was at Northumbria and he was at Newcastle. We had plenty of mutual friends, but our paths didn't properly cross until the end of our third year. We were engaged in July 2018 inside my family’s houseboat on Bramble Bush Bay in Studland. Fred had arranged for my close friends to come down and join us as a surprise. We celebrated at The Pig Hotel with plenty of Aperol's! We'll happen to be together ten years in February 2020, and also have two adorable pugs together called Daphne and Edith."

    "We had three hymns during our service, which I had discussed with my father before he died, and I know he loved all of them. Hearing everyone singing them at the time solved the problem feel his presence. My favorite from the three we sang was Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory; it's a superbly rousing hymn."

    Rosie and Fred's lovely wedding cake is made for them by friend Sharon, who baked Victoria sponge and salted caramel flavors. The cake was then decorated, and Rosie's sister also made plenty of tasty brownies, too.

    "It could be remiss of me as well as my sister's speech as it had been also a hugely memorable moment from the day for all of us both. It would be a big request for her to fill dad's shoes but Emily is really a natural speaker, and she or he wrote probably the most dazzling speech filled with wisdom and wit."

    "I am proud of her, there wasn't an individual who didn't say to me at the time, or afterward inside a letter, just how much they enjoyed, and were intrigued with her speech."

    When it came time to consider to the party area for their first dance like a married couple, Rosie and Fred made the brilliant option to dance to Natalie Cole's song, This Will Be (An Everlasting Love).

    Words of Wedded Wisdom

    "Do what feels right for you like a couple, and what is within your budget, not what you believe is expected individuals because truly anything you do is going to be magical. The tangible sense of love at weddings is the reason why they are so special."

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