An Antique Gold Country House Party Wedding

  • Meet Sarah, a Human Resources Head for any healthcare company, and Serle, an individual trainer, and windsurfing instructor. They were married on 8 July 2017 within the elegant Georgian surroundings of Devon.

    "We wanted a weekend house party feel and Bridwell was perfect – as many as 40 guests could stay with us on-site in beautiful accommodation, beautiful scenery, and parkland, and a lot of different venues so could use different spaces every time for the various gatherings during the period of the weekend, which kept things feeling all new and fresh."

    Sarah wore a dreamily light and romantic gown, which she purchased in Minchampton. The contrast between your embellished bodice, embroidered with bugle beads and crystals, and also the delicate, gauzy skirt is beautiful.

    The bridesmaids wore multiway dresses, two inside blush bridesmaid dresses and one inside a striking aubergine shade.

    A favorite part during the day for Sarah and Serle was their pre-ceremony 'first look."

    "Natalie convinced us to complete a first look, which I am pleased we did and I would recommend it to other couples. It meant Serle and I reached see one another on our own ahead of the ceremony which was special as in the ceremony around the day just flies by and it is hard to find a minute alone. It also meant we've got a large amount of the couple shots done before the wedding when hair, constitute, flowers, etc were fresh and that we didn't need to disappear in the drinks reception and then leave our family and friends."

    The couple first met via a mutual friend, on the beach in Egypt. Sarah was employed in Asia and Serle in Egypt. They held in touch via Facebook for a couple of years until both of them found themselves living and dealing in Europe – Sarah in Belgium and Serle in Spain. Click

    "I visited visit him for any summer break. We then embarked on the long-distance relationship beside me in Brussels and Serle within the Cayman Islands, which designed for some fun trips within the next year approximately, before we decided it was it, Serle went to live in Brussels (that was about as not even close to beach and windsurfing while you could get) after which in 2014 we moved to the UK and Serle proposed around the day we've got the secrets of our first real home together."

    "He wrapped the ring up inside a massive box…I had no idea that which was happening and wasn't expecting it, I thought he was giving me a recipe book or perhaps a set of Aga gloves for that Aga I was all excited about after which suddenly there is this ring!"

    Serle's dapper outfit was custom-made by a tailor in Salisbury – a grey waistcoat and white shirt paired having a coordinating tie and checked trousers, and also the outfits for that groomsman coordinated beautifully.

    "These aren't guys who choose to dress up! We kept things quite simple, with from the peg waistcoats and grey chinos, they wore their very own shoes and white shirts, and we coordinated their ties. The result was that both of them felt comfortable and happy and can wear all the items again – the chinos are everyday trousers."

    "It's quite simple to get lost in expense and wedding sites although not everything has to be very expensive or be super fancy to look good around the day. To us, it had been really important, that individuals felt like themselves as only then do we know we'd have the relaxed and fun wedding I was aiming for."

    "Jennifer's cakes not just taste amazing with a lot of flavors to select from, they're absolutely beautiful. I chose a semi-naked cake, but having a top-tier completed in gold leaf to enhance our theme with a lot of fresh natural flowers … simple, but beautiful. We also were built with a cheese and pork pie cake, which everyone loved!"

    Words of Wedded Wisdom

    "Relax and relish the day. I've visited a large amount of very beautiful weddings where one can almost have the tension and stress in the air. We didn't want ours to become like that and I think we pulled them back as people told us they genuinely felt they were built with a lovely, relaxed, and fun weekend."

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