Is gps for car tracking hidden standby time anti-theft useful?

  • Nowadays, GPS technology, such as professional equipment that can provide accurate data in all aspects, is becoming more and more popular in various industries. From car transactions to second-hand equipment rental markets, it is everywhere. The equipment is easy to use and more people use it. There will be a problem involved, how long can this equipment be continuously maintained in working condition, such as large machinery used in projects, if gps for car tracking hidden can only be used for one to two hours, it is just a matter of replacing it. The time cost on gps for car tracking hidden is a lot.

    GPS equipment, here is mainly the Beidou manufacturer gps for car tracking hidden that everyone knows the most. In addition to its working time is closely related to the power supply, it is also related to the user's usage habits and the frequency of information transmission.

    The two common types of locators on the market are wired and wireless GPS for car tracking hidden. Wired GPS for car tracking hidden is continuously connected to the power line of the vehicle, so as long as the vehicle is powered, the GPS device can It keeps working unless the power of the tracker is cut off, and today's wired trackers usually have an emergency power source. In other words, even if the power source of the device and the power source of the vehicle are cut off, the gps for car tracking hidden can still work for several hours.

    The anti-theft measures of electric bicycles are low-tech and worrying. According to the survey, about 25% of car owners have theft experience. The theft of a large number of motorcycles is not only due to the lack of self-protection awareness of car owners, but on the other hand, motorcycles are generally anti-theft. System technology Beidou satellite locator content is low.

    The common anti-theft device for electric vehicles on the market at this stage is a remote control anti-theft alarm system, which consists of a vehicle-mounted host and a handheld remote control transmitter. This alarm is the main anti-theft product in the current electric vehicle market. Meet the requirements of general electric vehicle customers, but the false alarm rate of this type of equipment is high, such as wind and thunder, children playing, etc., are likely to trigger sirens. This kind of noise pollution caused by false alarms is more serious. Therefore, the vast majority of electric vehicle customers will not turn on the anti-theft system equipment, causing many criminals to take advantage of it.