What external factors will affect the 4g vehicle gps tracker to

  • The basic principle of GPS positioning is that the satellite continuously transmits its own ephemeris parameters and time information. After the GPS signal receiver receives the signal, it can calculate the position of the receiver according to the triangulation formula. The three satellites can perform 2D positioning (longitude, latitude). ), four satellites can perform 3D positioning (longitude, latitude and altitude). By continuously updating the received information by the receiver, the moving direction and speed can be calculated.

    We have briefly understood the principle of GPS positioning through the above explanations. We know that in addition to the location of the base station and routers that cause the positioning error of the 4g vehicle gps tracker, we will analyze with you what external factors will affect the 4g vehicle gps tracker. The error occurred:

    1. Atmospheric influence

    The ionosphere and troposphere in the atmosphere will delay GPS signals. The refraction effect of the ionosphere on electromagnetic waves changes the propagation speed of GPS signals, and the troposphere also produces refraction effects on electromagnetic waves, thereby affecting the propagation speed of GPS signals.

    2, satellite ephemeris error

    The satellite ephemeris is determined by the ground monitoring station tracking and monitoring satellites. As satellites are subject to the complex effects of multiple perturbation forces during operation, and it is difficult to fully and reliably measure these forces or grasp their law of action through ground monitoring stations, large errors will occur in ephemeris forecasting. Not only does it seriously affect the accuracy of single-point positioning, it is also an important source of error for precise relative positioning.

    3, satellite clock error

    Satellite clock difference refers to the difference between GPS satellite clock and GPS standard time. In order to ensure the accuracy of the clock, GPS satellites use high-precision atomic clocks, but the deviation and drift between them and the GPS standard time and the total amount of drift are still within 1ms~0.1ms, the equivalent error caused by this will reach 300km~30km . This is a systematic error that must be corrected.

    4. Multipath effect

    Multipath effect is due to the influence of the surrounding environment of the receiving terminal, so that the satellite signal received by the receiver also contains the influence of reflection and refraction signals. This is also a major factor affecting the large positioning deviation in indoor and urban areas with dense buildings.

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