Is it safe to avoid installing 4G car GPS Tracker?

  •   The installation free automobile 4G car GPS Tracker is a built-in high-capacity battery, which adopts the principle of strong magnetic adsorption and is adsorbed on the car roof or chassis. It is characterized by no wiring, long standby time and alarm when the equipment is removed. So, is it safe for car owners to avoid installing 4G car GPS Tracker? If you have been paying attention to the vehicle GPS industry, you must know that the first generation GPS products are wired. They need to be connected with the vehicle power supply to provide equipment power. Some have external antennas, which makes their installation position very fixed. As long as you follow the vehicle wiring, you can find the GPS installed in the vehicle. If the vehicle is targeted by bad people, It's easy to destroy it. The installation free 4G car GPS tracker was born in this situation. Because it does not need wiring, the installation position depends on the owner's choice. How to hide and how to come, as long as you pay attention not to block its receiving signal. Therefore, the safety of installation free 4G car GPS Tracker is higher than that of wiring type. However, the installation free 4G car GPS Tracker also has its defects, because it is necessary to ensure the durability of battery power, so they are not real-time positioning, but timing positioning. You can set the equipment to return the location information to the monitoring platform regularly every day, or set it by week, alarm clock mode, etc. In addition, the function of 4G car GPS Tracker without installation is relatively single, and there are many functions without wiring type, so it is generally used in mortgage cars, rental cars, private cars and other vehicles.

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