Best TH11 Base Links 2023

  • Best TH11 Base Links 2023
    Town Hall 11 in Clash of clans is the highest level. It takes 14 days for upgrades. New defense
    and resource buildings as well as traps can be found in th11. Grand Warden is the new hero of
    the best th11 base clash among clans. The Grand Warden is a brilliant leader who targets
    troops that support flexible strategy. This is the best option for defense and offense of the best
    links to TH11. The Town Hall is the heart of the village in the clash of clans. After the level has
    been raised, the base of the Town Hall becomes rough stone.
    Best Town Hall 11 Base Links 2023
    You want the best th11 bases links. Your priority should be to save your trophy base, farming
    base resources, and town hall during war base. It all depends on what you need and what kind of
    base layout you prefer. It is best to centralize any building you wish to save. It is crucial to protect
    the village in order to have the best town base. The troop is more secure if it has more
    This TH11 base guide will show you the best base layouts for TH11 so that your game is perfect.
    Town Hall 11 base layouts are slightly different from Town Hall 12.
    Base Layouts of Town Hall 11
    This guide contains some common tips for building the best town hall 11 war base connections.
    These are the different base layouts. First, choose the base type you wish to use and then
    examine the details. Before you start building the best ground, it is important to know what is
    essential and what is not.
    Divide your base into layers or compartments. Each segment should have a wall border to
    provide protection for the clan. Do not place defense towers on each side with all other buildings
    on either side. First, you need to divide all defense towers and army buildings into equal
    amounts. Place them in equal amounts in the different compartments.
    Unbeatable Th11 Base Layout
    These are the most desirable town hall 11 bases, because they have many compartments. The
    Town Hall is centrally manned by eagle artillery. The compartment is enclosed in a strong wall. A
    second compartment has a large army that can save the Town Hall. The coc bases does not
    have access to the resource buildings and collector towers. The protection of Town Hall is
    prioritized, just like in trophy base. Loot isn't important.
    Hybrid Base: TH11 Copy link
    The best th11 baselink is identical to the one above, but the contribution of each compartment is
    different. The Town Hall is centrally located with some defense buildings and eagle artillery. The
    four-layer army buildings protecting the entire clan are found in the center compartment.

    Trophy Base TH11 Copy Link
    The base is mainly located in the middle of the area. However, the best th11 link links to the area
    are constructed at one corner. The Town is centrally located and surrounded by a strong wall.
    Some resource buildings are outside the clan. Outside the troop are also located army camps
    and collectors. Two types of walls can be found at this Town Hall base. The outer wall is more
    difficult than the inner one.
    Best TH11 Base Link with Less Buildings
    You are more concerned about the protection of your buildings if you have fewer buildings. If you
    follow our best strategy, then there's nothing to be concerned about. First, place the Town Hall in
    its center and build a wall along the boundary. You can place defense buildings in the various
    clan compartments. You can use simple defense buildings like air-defense towers, eagle artillery,
    archery, xbows, etc. All resources and collectors should be placed outside the clan.
    Anti Everything Th11 Base Layouts
    The best th11 base, the town hall, is simple and impressive. It is centrally manned by eagle
    artillery. The clan is divided into smaller compartments separated by hard walls. For the
    protection of Town Hall, defense towers are located within the clan. The clan is protected by the
    protection of the Town Hall with the resource towers and collectors.