How to choose the size of the Christmas tree?

  • As indispensable Christmas vacation gifts, the Christmas tree is actually a lot of things to consider when buying it. It is recommended that you go to a physical store to buy it, observe and compare it yourself. Before buying, use a ruler to measure the width and height of the place where the Christmas tree is placed. So, how to choose the size of the Christmas tree?

    In fact, when choosing the size, we mainly consider whether we like it or not and whether it can fit at home. There are general Christmas trees from Mini to 9ft. Let's compare 9ft vs 7.5ft first. The most important point is that you need to think carefully about whether our house is tall enough to fit a 9ft Christmas tree.

    The current new houses are generally around 8ft to 9ft. Take the average family house in the United States as an example, the corridor including the corridor is exactly 9ft. The standard height of houses before 2004 is 9ft, and the standard height of houses after 2004 is 8ft. No matter which one, if you want to buy a 9ft multi function pre lit christmas tree, you still need to consider whether you want to add a Tree Topper, which is the decoration on the top of the Christmas tree.

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    General multi function pre lit christmas trees are divided into three categories according to their size: small christmas trees, medium christmas trees and large christmas trees. As the name suggests, the small Christmas tree is a relatively small and cute Christmas tree. As meaningful Christmas vacation gifts, we can buy them for family and friends. There are many manufacturers and distributors of this type, and there are many buying groups in the e-commerce and physical fields. Small Christmas trees are mainly used for cabinet decoration, merchandise matching and gift accessories.

    The medium fiber optic christmas tree is mainly used to decorate homes and small shops. Many shops will buy Christmas trees from mantianxue to set off the festive atmosphere. This can also attract traffic indoors or in front of a store. This kind of Christmas tree is generally not sold in large quantities, but the annual sales will not be very low.

    The large fiber optic christmas tree has higher requirements in the process of processing, transportation and installation. Large Christmas trees are usually used in large areas such as shopping malls, hotels, squares and parks. Such Christmas trees usually need to be customized and purchased separately.

    Next, we are analyzing the factors of height. If you want to place it on a shelf or a higher position on the table, the product below 90cm is better. 120cm~150cm products are very contrasting in any space. The product of about 120cm can be placed in the suite, entrance or table, it is a very versatile size. The 150cm product has an excellent overall sense of balance, and friends of low height can also easily decorate and arrange it. When the height is about 2m, it will greatly enhance the sense of gorgeousness, which is very suitable for decoration in a spacious living room or dining room. Mini Christmas trees below 50cm are decorated at a height that is easy to enter the line of sight.

    The second is the choice of width. The Christmas tree is divided into two types: wide and narrow. For spacious spaces such as the living room, we recommend a style with a height of about 180cm and a width of about 100cm, which gives people a sense of presence and gorgeous impression by the window or smaller For the suites, narrow products with a width of less than 70cm are less likely to be oppressive.

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