When is the best time to buy a Christmas tree?

  • In European and American countries, every year at the end of November, the streets and alleys are filled with the festive atmosphere. There is still a little time before Christmas. Many families are already preparing to buy Christmas trees. This is also hallmark christmas decorations. In supermarkets, furniture stores and flower shops, there are many retro Christmas decorations and Christmas trees. Every time they pass by, they seem to be waving to me and telling me to take a Christmas tree home. So when is the best time to buy a Christmas tree?

    The closer to Christmas, the cheaper the Christmas tree. Of course it is cheaper after the holiday! If you are budget-conscious friends, you can buy it after the holiday to prepare for the second year of Christmas. Of course, there are also many office workers who are busy and only start when they have to buy. Christmas trees are generally discounted 2-3 weeks before Christmas. Take Target as an example. Christmas trees around a week before Christmas are almost half price. Of course, the styles may not be so complete, but I think there are still many choices of fiber optic artificial christmas trees.However, under the shadow of the epidemic, some residents of the United States began to worry about Christmas. Recently, the American non-profit organization Christmas Tree Association (ACTC) issued a consumer reminder that the price of Christmas trees in the United States this year will increase by 10% to 30% compared with last year: under the influence of extreme weather and US supply chain problems. Whether it is a consumer who is planning to buy real trees or artificial trees, it is best to start booking early to avoid restricting choices due to shortages.

    For ordinary American consumers, the supply chain is a remote problem, but now it has become true because of the news that "Christmas trees are in short supply". U.S. netizens commented that on the e-commerce platform home-pot, a 9-meter fiber optic artificial christmas trees is currently priced at US$438, which is significantly higher than previous years. In addition to Christmas trees, everyone feels that both retro Christmas decorations such as christmas floral wreaths, Christmas LED lights, and consumer products have seen a trend of rising prices recently, and they are often told that they are "out of stock." This casts a shadow of uncertainty for the upcoming Christmas consumption season.

    Therefore, Mantianxue suggests that it is best to buy Christmas trees 3 weeks in advance, or buy fiber optic artificial Christmas trees produced by us, otherwise the price will be higher and it will be difficult to buy our favorite products.




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