Christmas color matching

  • European and American countries use red, green and white as Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every household will use Christmas colors to decorate and give each other a Christmas gift series. The red ones have shop christmas wreath and christmas candles. The green one is the Christmas tree. It is the main decoration of Christmas. Long ago, it was made of felled cedar, cypress and other trees and decorated with tower-shaped evergreen trees. There are colorful lanterns, gifts and shop Christmas wreath hanging on it, and Christmas candles are lit. The red and white contrasting each other is Santa Claus, who is a character in Christmas activities. In terms of home furnishing, there are five key colors for Christmas, namely red, green, white, gold, and silver. The combination of these colors can easily and accurately create a Christmas atmosphere and decorate the Christmas gift series. Next, we mainly introduce the color matching of Christmas.

    Red and green are often used for color matching, which reflects the ancient people's love for holly. This plant has dark green pointed leaves and bloody red berries in winter. In ancient times, in winter, people would use holly and other evergreen plants to decorate houses and churches. They believe that evil spirits will kill plants in winter, causing leaves and flowers to wither. And holly has extraordinary ability to survive the winter of death, so they believe that holly will have the same power to save them from the harm of the god of death. In addition, holly has spikes and blood-red berries, which are very suitable as a symbol of the crown. Therefore, red and gold christmas tree decorations are very suitable for the Christmas atmosphere.

    christmas gift series

    Green is the classic color of the Christmas tree. The green pine is surrounded by dots of lights and beautiful colored balls. The fence is then filled with gifts for the family. The whole picture feels warm and comfortable, as if you can see the burning fireplace next to it, the American classic tiger chair sofa and a glass of hot cinnamon red wine, giving comfort to the busy returning family in the warm winter.

    Red and white are also indispensable. Red and white are the colors of many Christmas accessories and gift packaging. The festive atmosphere is strong and full of dreamy and sweet colors.

    Gold symbolizes fashion. Gold and ginger are also colors often seen in Christmas. Brilliant gold makes gifts look exquisite and gorgeous. Ginger is the color of elk and gingerbread man.

    The common color combinations for shrine screens are red/green and blue/gold. One group of colors is the color of water (blue or green), and the group of colors is the color of fire (gold or red). Bakro pointed out that these colors represent a barrier that separates the secular parishioners from the spiritual altar and sanctuary. For this reason, our red and gold christmas tree decorations are very popular.

    White and silver symbolize purity.

    On December 24, the eve of Christmas, there was heavy snow in the sky, and the ground was covered with snow on Christmas the next day. Westerners call the snow during Christmas as "White Christmas", which is regarded as a sign of auspicious happiness, just like the Northeast people have no white snow outside the window during the New Year, and there is no "new year". It is said that Westerners call "White Christmas" the highest state of Christmas.

    White and its extended color silver is the main representative color of Christmas in Europe. It symbolizes the pure and holy Virgin Mary and is the theme color of Christmas. The pure white color is like white snow, floating in the air, falling in pieces on the trees and streets. Friends who like silver or white Christmas styles, might as well try to put a silver Christmas tree in the room, using silver ribbons and silver bells as much as possible on the tree. In order to make the silver theme of the Christmas tree more prominent, it is also a good choice to match shop christmas wreath and light bulbs. In addition, Christmas trees made of light-emitting optical fiber materials have become very popular in recent years, and white fiber optic christmas trees are also available for sale.

    When the pure whiteness of the white fiber optic christmas tree meets the vibrant green ornaments, it seems calm and energetic. This is also a classic color for Christmas. Whether it is gifts or home decoration, the green and white colors are elegant and full of Christmas flavor.

    Yellow symbolizes warmth. Put two more pots of Christmas candles in the living room. The charming yellow candlelight will make your room full of warm and romantic atmosphere. Today’s candles have changed their old faces. There are scented candles, water floating wax, crystal wax, etc., which can be placed not only on the table, but also on the wall. The styles are also colorful, with stars, moons, fruit shapes, and petals sprinkled on the water. Leaves, shells, and flowers are added to the candles to make them scented. The colorful colors of Christmas make people dazzling, the flickering Christmas candlelight, flashing decorative lights, cleverly decorated Christmas tree...

    In short, all these colorful Christmas decorations can make you feel the joy and happiness of reunion with family and friends.


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