The principle of the car's brake system

  • First introduce auto control cables, which are part of control cable assemblies. The hand brake, that is, the parking brake, is of the cable type. Generally, it acts on the rear wheels. Under the chassis of the car, there is a line from the cab to the rear axle. This is the car auto control cables. This line is obviously different from the wire and looks like a mountain bike brake cable.

    The foot brake is called the service brake in the book. Today's cars are all done with hydraulic oil, so there is only the oil circuit. The position of the oil circuit on the chassis is very concealed and safe. It is just a few control cable assemblies. The brake pump that provides oil pressure is in the engine room. There are a lot of oil pipes (usually about 5 to 6) side by side on it. It is easy to recognize that these two types of brakes can't be moved.

    The basic working principle of automobile brake system: automobile brake system can be divided into two types. One is hydraulic braking, and the other is pneumatic braking. Hydraulic braking is made by the brake master cylinder using brake fluid as the transmission medium. It is delivered to each brake cylinder through the brake pipeline, and pneumatic brake uses high-pressure gas as the brake medium and sends it to each brake cylinder through the pipeline. The working principles of the two braking methods are different, but the braking effect is the same, and both can brake the car. Braking system and automobile control cables are very important parts of automobile braking. In the process of driving, the car brakes according to the driver's instructions to slow down or stop the car.

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    The brake position of the car depends on the specific situation: the center of the manual gear is the brake. However, some brakes are located on the left side of the automatic gear. The main functions of automobile brakes are as follows. 1. It is used to slow down and stop the vehicle. 2. Stably park vehicles parked under various road conditions. 3. Stabilize the speed of the vehicle traveling downhill. The method of using car brakes is as follows: When we are driving on bumpy and complicated roads, we need to step on the way to avoid damaging the speed of the car chassis. 2. Release the brake slightly, automobile control cables are enough, and then step on the brake slowly before the vehicle stops completely to make the car stop slowly and stably. 3. Step on the brakes and stop using a low gear when going downhill, and use engine braking to avoid continuous braking; 4. Step on the brakes before entering the curve and drive at low speed to avoid losing the center of gravity and causing sideslip.

    After reading this article, I believe you have a better understanding of the principle of automobile brake system, and also realize the importance of automobile control cables. It is very important to choose a suitable and good quality control cable assembly, and Huafeng as a professional Parking brake cable dealer, our control cable assemblies are widely praised by our customer base, if you need it, please contact us to buy!


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