The difference between poplin and oxford

  • First of all, the biggest difference: Poplin is a traditional handicraft, and Oxford is a new type of fabric.

    Secondly, poplin and Oxford spinning are made of different materials. Commonly used raw materials for poplin are pure cotton, polyester/cotton and so on. Poplin is a dense plain weave fabric woven from cotton, polyester, wool, cotton or blended yarns; while Oxford spinning uses finer combed high-count yarns as double warps, and thicker wefts are interwoven with a heavy flat weave. Become.

    The feel and appearance of cvc poplin material fabric is similar to silk, so it is called poplin. Commonly used raw materials for poplin are pure cotton, polyester/cotton and so on. Poplin fabric is produced using a simple top/bottom organization. The yarn tends to be finer and weave tighter than Oxford. The resulting fabric has a smoother texture, and provides higher softness and better drape, so most textile and garment manufacturers will provide cvc poplin fabric for sell.

    Poplin is a dense, smooth and shiny plain-weave cotton fabric. Although it is plain weave with plain cloth, the difference is quite big: Poplin has a good drape and can be made more dense, with rich hand feeling and visual richness; while plain cloth is generally of medium thickness and cannot be made into a very delicate hand feeling, with a simple look.

    Because the cvc poplin material shirt gives a stylish polished look, making it an ideal outfit for office wear. Its lightness is also very suitable for matching sweaters or suit jackets.

    Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with various functions and wide applications. The main products on the market include: checkered, full stretch, nylon, tige and other varieties.

    Oxford fabric, also known as Oxford spinning. Originated in England, the traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University, Oxford cloth began around 1900. The finer combed high-count yarn is used as the double warp, which is interwoven with the thicker weft yarn in a flat weft structure.

    The oxford fabric shirt fabric has soft color, soft body, good air permeability, comfortable to wear, easy to wash and quick-drying, and is mostly used as shirts, sportswear and pajamas. There are many varieties of products, such as plain color, bleaching, color warp and white weft, color warp and color weft, medium and light color striped patterns, etc.; there are also polyester-cotton yarns woven. The relevant quality and performance of the fabric can be tested by related testing equipment, such as tensile strength testing with material tensile testing machine, composite strength testing with peeling testing machine, color fastness testing with friction testing machine and thickness testing with thickness gauge, etc.

    The unique texture of Oxford shoes is achieved through the use of wear-resistant and strong yarns woven in a basket-woven structure. It is precisely because of this weaving method that Oxford is known for its durable properties. In addition, denser oxford fabric shirts tend to be warmer than cvc poplin material shirts.

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