Vehicle life-saving floating belt

  • Waterfun vehicle life-saving floating belt has four parts.Floating belt,floating rope,whistle and life-saving bag.They can help us escape danger while also helping others.

    Floating belt can be used by men, women and children, and there are no restrictions on size.

    \u25cf It’s made by best buoyancy material : NBR/PVC Foam, Surface digging coated .Squeeze hard without leaving any traces.

    \u25cf The rope material is polyethylene and reflective wire.

    \u25cf Reflective wire material allows you to find the rope in a very dark place.Can be float on the water and this feature very suitable for rescue.

    \u25cf Bag can hold them all. And the whistle is a double-hole high-frequency sound safety whistle.You can listen in a long distance.

    \u25cf Floating belt size: 90*17*4cm  Buoyancy: 53N

    \u25cf Floating rope size: 10m   Diameter: 8mm   Pull: 6000N

    \u25cf Whistle: PP material