Packaged food also needs to be breathable?

  • In fact, most food paper bag packaging does not need to be perforated. If there is a perforation, it is also to release the air in the bag and puncture and shrink after sealing to prevent air from occupying space. Small holes are usually provided on the side of the food packaging bag. In addition, the upper part of the bag has a round hole or butterfly-shaped hole for hanging, called a hanging hole.

    Another purpose of perforated food paper bag packaging is to prevent children from being suffocated by the bag when they are playing. In addition, if there are no holes in the food packaging bag, external air will enter it. Water vapor will be generated after long-term transportation. Makes the inside of the package corroded, the internal products are damp, and mold grows.

    The use of composite fast food paper bags can combine different properties and different materials to improve the air permeability, water permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, and chemical resistance of packaging materials, and play the role of insect, dust, and dust prevention. It also has a protective effect, preventing chemical microbial pollution, light and heat resistance, cold resistance, impact resistance, excellent mechanical strength and processability, excellent printing and decorative effects.

    Kraft Paper Bag With Handle

    Food paper bag packaging is classified according to the packaging type: three-side seal, yin-yang bag, middle seal, pillow bag, five-side seal, eight-side seal bag, stand-up bag, zipper bag, straw bag, roll material, cover material, etc.

    Classified by function: high shading membrane bag, retort membrane bag, antistatic membrane bag, antibacterial membrane bag, anti-fog membrane bag, vacuum bag, chemical resistant membrane bag, deoxygenated packaging membrane bag, modified atmosphere packaging membrane bag, etc.

    Classified by material: laser aluminized film composite paper material, laser transfer paper material, paper composite material, aluminum composite material, plastic composite material, fabric composite material, etc.

    Some paper bag packaging or food packaging paper boxes have vents, which are actually one-way vents connected to the packaging bag. Some packaging for storing special products will ensure the quality of the food by installing an exhaust valve on the packaging bag, such as coffee, cat food, dog food or feed packaging. The gas generated by the coffee or feed in the bag can be discharged from the bag without causing The risk of bursting can also prevent outside air from entering the bag to cause oxidative deterioration. The food packaging paper box produced by Hengtong is generally used for fast foods such as burgers, chicken and fries. It has good air permeability. If it is too sealed, the food will lose its original taste.

    Hengtong is a professional food paper box supplier. The paper bag packaging, fast food paper bag, food packaging paper box we produce are suitable for cakes, sandwiches, burgers, French fries and other foods. We provide high-quality paper bags for sale, packaged in kraft paper. Healthy, safe and stable packaging.


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