Function of motor protector

  • The function of the motor protector is just like its name, used to protect the universal ac motor! Overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, phase loss, unbalanced three-phase voltage of 3 phase ac motor, undercurrent, undervoltage, grounding, low rpm ac motor instantaneous starting current is too large and so on.

    Different types of protectors correspond to different functions. Generally, there are more protections for overcurrent, overvoltage, phase loss, and grounding. The functions of the motor protector for the motor are:

    When the universal ac motor is overloaded, the running current is too large, overload, motor phase loss, motor blocked, etc. protection.

    Wall-hung boiler motor

    The protection of the motor will not cause the motor's current to exceed the rated current due to the load exceeding the motor load, or the power supply and motor failure, which may cause the motor to be damaged or burned. The protection of thermal relay is relatively small, and the electronic protector developed now also adds protections such as start-up overtime, under-load, and leakage current. Regarding low rpm ac motors, whether it is a mechanical thermal relay or an electronic protector, there is generally no overload protection. Overload protection is realized by fuse or switch with high breaking capacity.

    It can also ensure that the power supply circuit is cut off in time when the motor is working in a fault state, so that the 3 phase ac motor will not be burned out by the heat generated by the large current. Features: Compared with traditional thermal elements, it has more accurate, flexible and quicker protection. Generally, digital signals are collected. The collected value is compared with the set value to determine whether to act. There are more types of protection than thermal elements. Many, such as: overcurrent, single-phase grounding, locked rotor, phase loss, overload, three-phase unbalance, tE time, etc., can also be used as quick-break protection through the FC circuit. It can also form a background monitoring system through a specific communication protocol, which is called a monitoring device, which greatly reduces human labor.

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