The Importance Of Glass Film And How To Clean Glass Protection

  • The significance of glass protective film:


    1、Reduce heat, reduce glare and increase comfort.


    Today's buildings use more glass than ever before. Open floor plans, high ceilings and large glass areas.The trend of the application of glass has become the standard of preference. But glass windows are also an annoying energy waster for everyone, causing building owners and managers to worry more and more about harsh glare, heat gain and high energy consumption. Working in an office or relaxing at home in direct sunlight can lead to fatigue, eye strain and distraction. It helps to correct temperature imbalance in the light-intense or back-sun areas, and disperses uncomfortable glare from the eyes, making indoor employees more comfortable and productive.


    2、Insulation and energy saving, reducing heating and cooling costs.

    The loss of heat through windows in winter not only makes the building occupants feel uncomfortable, but also increases unnecessary energy

    consumption. Installing the low emissivity sunlight control film on the inner surface of ordinary single-layer glass can reduce heat loss by up to

    30%. In the summer, architectural films can reduce building cooling costs by blocking up to 79% of solar heat. Architectural films reflect and absorb most of the sun's infrared heat and reduce the heat transfer coefficient of glass. By applying architectural film to the inner surface of the glass, up to 82% of the solar heat can be blocked from entering the room, greatly reducing the power consumption of air conditioning and refrigeration.


    Glass & Home Appliances Protective Film

    How to clean glass protection film?


    1, with glass water fire door, is used to eliminate paint an industrial grade agent, also very easy to buy (selling paint area will have sold), the way also with alcohol acetone.


    2, with hand cream, first the surface of the print products torn off, followed by some hand cream squeezed on it, gradually rubbed with the thumb, rubbing a while will be able to rub out the sticky glue stains, just a little slower.


    3, hand cream is classified as a vegetable oil compounds, its characteristics and polyvinyl alcohol glue is not compatible, to glue is to use glass protective film film manufacturer this feature.


    4, the chemical factory store has a thin material to buy, the actual effect is very good, quickly will be able to wipe away, with toilet paper with some alcohol scrub, and then rub two will be neat.


    5, with nail polish, use the same method as alcohol acetone, the actual effect is also very very good, nail polish does not specify the quality, good or general can, just can wash away the nail polish all can.


    6, with acetone, the same way as the above, use less and completely, the thirsty is it can be extremely fast and easy to get rid of this residual collagen fibers, stronger than the sprinkling of essence to make.


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