Features And Precautions For The Use of Carpet Protective Films

  • First, protective film type adhesives, adhesives and solvent-based rubber adhesives, solvent-based acrylate adhesives, water-based acrylate adhesives, silicone adhesives, the most common of these products is acrylic resin adhesives, which can easily adjust the bonding strength.


    Second, the protective film self-adhesive layer is generally produced by the full extrusion method, its self-adhesive layer is generally EVA, to ultra-low density polyethylene or polyolefin plastic body resin-based, this form of structure is also gradually become the mainstream of the market, because of its coating glue more, no residual rubber and other advantages, and can stabilize the durability, reduce user costs and protect the film producers to create high profits.


    Carpet Protective Film

    Protective film PVC material protective paste is characterized by its own soft texture, and easy to paste, but this material is thicker and less translucent, so that the screen looks blurred, tear off the glue will also leave traces on the screen. The material film manufacturer is also easier to change with the temperature and oil, shorter service life, so the current market basically do not see this protective film. Now on the market to see is a PVC improved protective film, although the solution to the previous thick, poor light transmission problem. But still can not solve the problem of easy to repeatedly out of oil, and PVC this material does not have the ability to resist scratch, after a period of use on the protective film will appear very obvious scratches, affecting the screen display protective film effect.