Features And Precautions For The Use of Carpet Protective Films

  • With the development of society, everyone's living conditions are getting better and better, and everyone's requirements for the quality of life are naturally getting higher and higher. This is evident in many places in life, and naturally, people are no exception when buying goods. In order to better meet the needs of everyone, many places in the production of goods will be laid on the protective film, so that it can effectively achieve protection, whether it is storage or transportation, so what is the point in buying protective film?


    The first is the requirement of wear resistance, as a carpet protective film, naturally its main role is to protect, during transportation, or storage, many times will inevitably produce friction and bump protective film, so for its wear resistance has very high requirements, the better the wear resistance, the better the protection of the product. The second thing is that the film should have a certain degree of adhesiveness. Easy adhesion means that it is easy to stick to the surface of the item when it is clean, and it is not easy to produce bubbles. The key is that its sticky way is formed by electrostatic action, not by glue, and is easy to clean, a good carpet protection film, it should be easy to clean, will not be coated with glue, so that in the consumer out of it is more convenient, generally poor quality film, sticky up because of time, sticky very firm, so that we simply can not effectively clean up, making the product is seriously affected. The product will be seriously affected.


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