How to Remove Tile Protection Film?

  • Tile protective film is a kind of essential protection film for daily furniture protection, and I believe every household can't live without it. But with the growth of time, the tile protective film will be firmly stuck in the tile surface and not easy to clean. So when this happens, how should we deal with it?


    Of course, there are many kinds of tile protective film, there are many ways to deal with the type of tile protection and removal methods are as follows:

    1, if your home with a plastic film, this tile protection film can be removed by hand gently tear. But if the sticky too tight, you can use a wire ball to gently wipe, or use a hair dryer to heat the protective film blistered and torn off.


    2, if your home with antifouling agent protective film, this protective film is relatively easy to remove, directly with a towel dipped in white cement scrubbing;.


    3, if the tile protection wax, you can use a dry towel to scrub, scrub with banana water, but also able to use talcum powder white cement scrub off. You can choose the right method according to the actual situation, there may be very good results Oh.


    4, if the tile protective film can not tear down, we can use dilute hydrochloric acid, toilet cleaner and other acidic liquid to dissolve, but we need to pay attention to the concentration of liquid can not be too high, it is best to add water for dilution, and then go in to apply on the tile protective film, they will be a chemical reaction. It is best to use a spatula to remove the tile protective film film, it should be noted that the liquid can not get to the top of the tile.


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