Analysis of light transmittance of pe protective film

  • As we all know, pe protective film and PE protective film can be seen everywhere in life. PE protective film is generally used in optoelectronic industry, plastic industry, printing industry, etc. So, do you know the transmittance and structure of pe protective film? If you don't know, read this article and we will give you a detailed analysis!

    Surface Protective Film supplier adopts a three-layer anti-damage electromagnetic radiation structure in the manufacturing process, and the thickness of the protective film is about 0.25mm, which can effectively filter anti-reflection, electromagnetic radiation and ultraviolet rays. Electrostatic adsorption technology can be applied repeatedly without glue. Also has high abrasion resistance, excellent scratch resistance, and is durable. The light transmittance reaches 99%, and the image is clear.

    transparent protective film

    PE protective film has an effective three-layer structure, and its surface is a matte layer, which can effectively prevent fingerprints from entering during use. Usually, your fingers slide without leaving any traces. Even if there is liquid residue such as sweat, it can be wiped gently by hand. This maximizes the visual effect of the picture. The material is specially treated to effectively prevent light reflection and reduce the problem of sunlight and screen reflection.

    The material of PE protective film has high light transmittance. Because it is the material of LCD protective film, there is no visibility obstacle, and it has excellent impact strength and mechanical properties. The impact strength is 3 to 5 times better than that of other materials. Corrosion and corrosion resistant. Oil stains, dilute acid, dilute alkali and other solvents.

    PE protective film has excellent weather resistance, can withstand low temperatures of at least -70 degrees and up to 150 degrees, prevents water vapor penetration, and has excellent water vapor barrier function. Strong protection, environmentally friendly material, non-toxic and non-polluting, it is a truly safe material. Above we have roughly analyzed the light transmittance of PE protective film. So, how to increase the light transmittance of PE protective film?

    1. Add a nucleating agent to the PE protective film particles.

    The nucleating agent can also be used as a crystal nucleus during the processing and molding of the crystalline composition, so that the polymer molecules grow into crystals on the nucleating agent. Due to the addition of the nucleating agent, PE transparent protective film, PP protective film At the melting point of the melt, the number of crystal nuclei available for crystallization is greatly increased, the crystallization speed is accelerated, and the crystal particles are finer, so that the crystal does not affect the transparency of the film, thus improving the crystallinity of the PE and PP films and improving the film strength at the same time. Improved transparency.

    2. In the production process of PE protective film, the processing temperature of the barrel should be properly increased and the method of polycooling should be used.

    Can improve the transparency of the film. In fact, in order to produce transparent protective film or PP film, water quenching method must be used. If air cooling is used, the produced PP blown film is fuzzy and translucent due to poor cooling effect. For this reason, it is an effective way to improve the transparency by properly increasing the processing temperature and using a high-efficiency cooling method in production.

    3. Add a small amount of polyacrylate resin with good compatibility and transparency to the PE protective film and PP protective film.

    After understanding the method of improving the transparency of the protective film, we should also pay attention to such as: the pe transparent protective film is not cooled quickly after crystallization, otherwise the original transparency of the protective film will be significantly reduced.

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