How to Buy PE Protective Film?

  • PE protective film is a special type of polyethylene (PE) plastic film. According to the density, it can be divided into high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. The advantage of PE protective film is that its products will not be contaminated, corroded and scratched during the production, processing, transportation, storage and use. And it has a certain protection effect on the original cleanliness, thus improving product quality and market competitiveness. Tips for buying PE protective film are as follows:


    Protective Film for Floor and Tile


    First: Over-care. This phenomenon is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye and needs to be detected with optical instruments. There is also a relatively simple method, which is to cut the PE protective film into small pieces, place them in the center of the computer desktop and paste them one by one. Then you need to create a blank WORD file on your computer and check if there are areas on your computer with and without the film, or if the blank WORD file in the film area is white (the professional point is called brightness). Only if you compare individually, you can choose the brighter material protective film with better breathability.


    Second: Observe the haze. 1. after the PE protective film is pasted in order, the smaller the haze of the color at the bottom of the display, the smaller the haze, the better the material. If you use black test board, it is easy to see the difference in this method. 2. In a dark room, turn on the fluorescent lamp, tear off the PE protective film, tear off the top and bottom of the release film, hold it in your hand and put it between your eyes and the light. Look carefully to see if there is a foggy stuff evenly distributed in the protective PE film, which is the culprit of the fogginess. The more severe this foggy stuff is, the greater the haze and the worse the material, and the better the opposite. Note that haze affects permeability, but permeability is two different concepts!


    Third : Observe the static electricity. As LCD is a sensitive component, because it is afraid of static electricity, so when pasting protective film, the less static electricity, the better. Test method is to prepare PE protective film (three layers or two layers), smoke a cigarette, knock a piece of cigarette ash, or scatter a fine confetti on the desktop, and then tear the PE protective film on a layer of protective film (this step is for three layers of material), and then tear the PE protective film on a layer of protective film, and then tear the PE protective film on the surface, the stronger this layer is, the greater the electrostatic charge generated by this material, and vice versa, the better. Or use the strength of an ordinary stylus scratch coated on the surface of the PE protective film.


    Fourth: Pay attention to anti-scratch.1. PE protective film is scratch-resistant, anti-scratch is currently a matter of great concern. At present, the anti-scratch material on the market is basically the same (2-3H), only 2-3H performance is not bad. This test uses a pencil with hardness of 3H, launched 10 times on PE protective film, strength is 500G at 45 degree angle, no scratch can be regarded as 3H hardness requirement. 2. Another simple method is to use a slightly hard metal device or a newly cut nail to coat the surface of PE protective film with an ordinary stylus. A simple method is to scrape the nail with a slightly hard metal device or a freshly cut nail and then scrape again.


    Fifth:No fingerprints. In recent years, with the increase of screen size, and the application of capacitive screen (finger touch screen is scratching touch screen with touch screen, unlike the traditional resistive screen, PE protective film is increasingly needed to have anti-fingerprint function.


    Protective Film for Floor and Tile


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