How To Treat Plastic Panel Protection Film?

  • As the items in the transportation, handling, storage, and even display process, there may be encountered in the plastic panel surface scratches of small conditions, in order to avoid small losses, so people use a variety of new materials, the invention of a film conducive to surface protection, is the plastic panel protection film, the development and production of these surface protection film, so that people's life can be more smooth, then, in our daily life, plastic panel protection film what are they?


    Plastic panel protection film is functionally speaking to put a film on the outside of the plastic items we want to protect. The main production was initially concentrated in Japan, the United States and Europe and other industrially developed countries, due to the early development of industrialization in Europe and the United States, so the application of surface protection film is also relatively early. Japan started earlier in the development of non-toxic PVC and PET materials and AR materials, and the technology is more advanced, so the cell phone screen protector film in Japan and South Korea also developed more rapidly. China, as a large consumer of electronic products, in recent years, the development of surface protection film mainly in the production and sales of cell phone screen protection film, after several years of development, has been able to produce higher-end protective film, although there is still a certain gap from Japan's protective film.

     Protective Film for Plastic Panel

    Because the original film production and coating process is more complex, many technical aspects to break through, as well as a good set of blown film, coating line investment is high, so there are not many real protective film manufacturers, can make a very good original film is even less. Therefore, most of the factories only stay in the secondary and tertiary processing stage of protective film, which is a lower stage in the whole protective film industry chain. In terms of regional distribution, however, with the increased attention to protective film nowadays, the protective film market is also receiving more attention from businesses. Many manufacturers have also started to produce high-end protective films to meet the needs of young people.


    Plastic panel protective film can be divided into digital product protective film, automotive protective film, household appliance protective film and so on according to its usage. Protective film can be used in the following fields: metal products surface, coated metal products surface, plastic products surface, automotive products surface, electronic products surface, signage products surface, profile products surface, and other products surface.


    Surface protection film classification can be divided into different types, if you want to say clearly what is the surface protection film, it is still difficult to say, in order to facilitate your understanding, so it is classified by application, so that you can also understand at a glance, so you know what is the surface protection film?


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