Notes On The Use Of Stainless Steel Protective Film

  • Stainless steel protective film refers to a film used for the temporary protection of the surface of stainless steel products, usually in transparent colours. Protective films are used for surface protection to prevent dirt build-up, scuff marks and tool scratches on the protected surface during the following operations, keeping the surface of the item shiny and new. The surface of the stainless steel protective film can also be printed with text and graphics for promotional purposes.


    It is important to note that when laminating with Xinhao Stainless Steel Protective Film, it is important to use a laminating machine on a clean, dry surface. When laminating, there should be no air bubbles between the film and the protected surface, and the film should not be over-stretched (usually less than 1% elongation is required after lamination). It also needs to be stored in its original packaging in a clean and dry environment.


    Protective Film for Sandwich Panel Steel and Stainless Steel

    It is recommended that the film be used within 6 months of delivery and that the film be removed within 1 year of the date of application. Protected surfaces should not be exposed to outdoor sunlight and deterioration, especially not under UV light. Care should be taken when heating surfaces protected with protective films: the heating should not cause any discolouration of the protected surface. When heating surfaces protected by printed films with infrared radiation, the rate of infrared absorption by the printed surface is different to that of the unprinted surface.


    Therefore, it is often necessary to test stainless steel protective films before they are used. In particular, printed films need to be tested according to user requirements before use to ensure that the difference in absorption rate does not adversely affect the surface being protected. If this difference in absorption rate causes some problems, another heating method should be used (preferably using an oven for heating).


    So, how is the quality of the stainless steel protective film product guaranteed? We know that protective films are primarily used for temporary surface protection to prevent soiling or damage to the surface of stainless steel workpieces and are therefore not designed for corrosion, moisture and chemical resistance protection. As protective films are used in a variety of applications and conditions vary from company to company, it is important that customers carry out a thorough product test before using the product. 


    It is important that all aspects of the performance and quality of the stainless steel protective film are taken into account when evaluating the product. In general, the main factors include the type of material and characteristics of the stainless steel film to be used, surface treatment requirements, temperature and processing constraints, and the time and conditions of outdoor use.


    Through the precautions for the use of stainless steel protective film, we have a better understanding of the preparatory work that should be done before the use of protective film, so that our operation can be carried out smoothly. We believe this article can also give you an opportunity to learn more about Xinhao stainless steel protective film, we have many years of production and sales experience, and product quality has always been for customer satisfaction. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.