4 Reasons to Have Ring Bearers and Flower Girls at your Wedding

  • When you first start planning your wedding, one of the most interesting things is to choose your bride party - but don't forget about your little wedding party! If you are on a fence about having a ring carrier or flower girl at your wedding, we are here to help! Here are some things to remember when trying to decide: Event companies in chennai

    4 Reasons to have it ...:
    They don't have to be human:
    While your first thought is likely to be human officers, many partners have chosen to include their valuable pets at the ceremony. From the Doggie ring carrier to walk down the hall on the horse, the sky is the limit! Top 10 event management companies in chennai

    They are super cute:
    Maybe the best reason, and why you might consider having a ring carrier or flower girl at your wedding, is that they are very beautiful! There is something about small bowties and poofy skirts that make us melt and we guarantee they will make your guests melt too.

    This is the memory that you will appreciate forever:
    Ask your bridal mini party to be part of your special marriage because it is something you will share forever. Whether they are biological nephews or your niece - or your best friend, this is a great way to memorize your relationship with them and have memories that only belong to them and yours.

    They can steal performances:
    Again, they are super cute! In such a way that they can often be what people focus. So, if you are a little afraid of the spotlight, or worry that people will see you cry - distract with cute petals! and 3 for not: Best event management in chennai

    Their parents may not want to take him:

    Even though you might think that you do the fate of their parents by not having to rent a caregiver - they might look forward to a child's free night! Before you ask the ring carrier or flower girl, we recommend talking to parents first, that way there is no disappointment for Littles.

    They can steal performances:
    No, you don't have dejavu- this one takes place on both lists! Remember that children feed the emotions of the people around them and if they do something that raises some laughter, they will run with him. At present there is a viral video from a flower girl who, has enough dresses who choose to remove it medium. Needless to say show, stolen.

    Children cannot be predicted:
    Even though you might have a vision of a little cutie walking down the hall with gracefully throwing rose petals - the fact might be much different. Remember that children have their own thoughts and comes wedding day may decide that they don't want to walk down the hallway or have a mid-fashion ceremony. Event management services in chennai